Aquaponics is the ability to harness nature to grow vegetables and fish organically and sustainably.

Using the graphic, you can see that the fish produce waste that contains ammonia. Nitrifying bactering convert this bacteria into nitrites and nitrates, which is absorded by the plants as food. In turn, these plants filter and oxygenate the water, which is sent back to the fish, starting the cycle all over again.


  • Uses 95% less water than conventional farming

  • Uses 1/3 of energy than other farm systems

  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals

  • Non-GMO 

  • No growth hormones


Valor Aquaponics started as a dream 10 years ago by Founder & Co-Owner Patrick. He spent the last 10 years researching and building his skills as a skilled tradesman with the goal of, one day, starting his own farm.

By the end of summer 2019, that vision started to become a reality when Patrick designed and built his first home-based aquaponics system with 24 blue tilapia and a bunch of seeds. In the months to follow, he would redesign his system 3 times and add a 2nd system and another 24 tilapia. 

Currently, Patrick is growing over 50 lettuce plants comprising of Parris Island, Red Romaine, Rudy Red, Black Seeded Simpson & Buttercrunch lettuce. He has also successfully grown swiss chard, oregano, parsley, dill, jasmine rice, banana peppers, cayenne peppers, jalepeno peppers and bell peppers.

In February 2020, Patrick brought in his good friend and former coworker, Edward to become co-owner of the company. With Edwards 20 years of skilled trades experience, especially in aquaponics, the company has 40 years combined experience and the ability to design and build their own system. The goal is to build our own custom automation system and incorporate more green technology.

In March 2020, Valor Aquaponics received their first business loan and will be commercializing their operations.


Because all of our fish and produce are grown indoors, we are better able to control pests and monitor. As a result, we do not use any chemicals, pesticides or hormones, which results in delicious, all natural products.


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